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Please note that these percentages are approximate and could be off by a few hundred metres
Progress by type of hole
Geotechnical:685 of 1960m(34.9%)
Infill exploration:793 of 3718m(21.3%)
Hydrogeological:271 of 2471m(11%)
Condemnation:1995 of 8620m(23.1%)
Overall: 3744 of 16769m(22.3%)
Progress by location
Main zone:871 of 9971m(8.7%)
Plant site:1731 of 1981m(87.4%)
s:0 of 225m(0%)
Second zone:0 of 1525m(0%)
Tailings storage facility:0 of 1100m(0%)
Waste dump site:1142 of 1967m(58.1%)
Overall: 3744 of 16769m(22.3%)